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To create travel opportunities to inspire projects full of life. The Riviera Maya for people like you.


  • People are unique and their trips too. Customized experiences.
  • We want you to travel often, that's why our prices are fair and accessible.
  • Enjoy the moment while we make it happen. We are at your service.

Our story:

Getting out of the routine and dedicating yourself to what you`re passionate about, is one of the biggest challenges in life. The founders of Elemental Trip made it, they left behind the routine lives and they began to reinvent the way of traveling: custom-made, with fair prices and always trying to fulfill the expectations of their travelers.

The story of Elemental Trip began when one of its founders left everything her family expected from her and went to Cancun "just for a few months." Months turned into years and dreams into realities.

Elemental Trip is a proudly Mexican company that has more than 10 years of experience and one of its main objectives is to help you get closer to the wonders of the Riviera Maya. Experience its beaches with their blue tones, its archaeological zones, the incomparable meals, the great cenotes, nightclubs, unique walks and much more. bay u mal booy, bay u mal muyal cuxtalé. Mayan proverb.

bay u mal booy, bay u mal muyal cuxtalé. Mayan proverb.

“As the shadow passes, as the clouds pass, so does life.” Travel.

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